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agine the difficulty children who are isolated from community and societ▓y suffer at the start of their development.M▓any parents use their own money and time to help their children catch up their educational development to the same standards of

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others.Each tiny p▓rogress of an "autistic child" is the result of a tremendous effort by their family and by the child the

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mselves. Research suggests that fam▓ily members, especially parents of autistic children, face ▓the same pressure levels

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as soldiers in war ▓zones do.They guard their children as the disorder has unknown causes, unspecified treatments and uncerta

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cessary help and care to their peer.

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If you see a kid hanging around alo▓n

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e for a long time and they do not know how to answer your questions, you should call the police for assistance immediate▓ly. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatClassroom in WardCla

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younger generation, he add▓ed.Please scan the QR Code to follow us ▓on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to f

ollow us on Wechat

Autistic children require a humane communit▓yAutistic children require a humane communityAutistic children

require a humane com

munity04-02-2018 1▓4:28 BJTApril 2nd marks the eleventh annual World Autism Awareness Day.Currently, the ra

te of teens ▓diagno

sed with autism is estimated at 1 to 68 worldwide with an increasing ratio year by year.Over 10 milli▓on pe

ople suffer from the

disease i▓n China with half of them teens aged below 14 years old. Autism is a form of pervasive deve

l▓opmental disorder

. People get the disease due to insufficient attention from their parents or punishment from▓ parents&rsquo
their needs▓ as they are more likely to be considered as aliens, rather than geniuses. One▓ could hardly im
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